Pujolasos launches P-Refill®

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  • P-Refill® is Pujolasos' new versatile and sustainable packaging innovation: A refillable jar, with an outer wooden layer, and an inner disposable and easy to recycle plastic container. 
  • Pujolasos offers two different caps for the jar, either Woodle® (one of their patented closures) or Woon, and both may be adapted and personalized to a wide variety of styles.

At Pujolasos we like to design the most creative and environmentally sustainable solutions. This time was not going to be different, the new P-Refill® system, a versatile and eco-friendly solution unlike any other product previously introduced by the company, will be exclusively showcased at LuxePack Monaco 2022, Stand #RC16.

P-Refill® is made with certified PEFCR® and FSC® wood, helping brands commit to a socially and environmentally responsible approach to the manufacture, packaging and distribution of their products.

Pujolasos launches P-Refill®

At Pujolasos we strive to promote activism in the perfumery and cosmetics industry, betting on innovation, sustainability and quality. We intend to continue changing the beauty packaging market by being pioneers in offering sustainable packaging solutions that respond to the needs of the market.

Contact us here to learn more about our wood packaging solutions and innovations.

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