Pujolasos Continues to Prove Beauty and Sustainability are a Perfect Blend

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When it comes to packaging, nothing is more natural than wood. When Nout organic fragrances developed a new line of scents inspired by nature and invested in developing it around an environmentally friendly vegan process, it quickly became a match made in heaven for packaging developer Pujolasos and its exquisite wood craftsmanship.

Each Nout fragrance begins with the harvest of natural organic ingredients, which are then blended with unique notes: floral, woody, and spicy. Similarly, Pujolasos begins its process in harmony with the environment, ensuring the use of sustainable forest management measures are in place during the development of its packaging solutions.

Pujolasos Continues to Prove Beauty and Sustainability are a Perfect Blend

The beautiful wooden cap developed for Nout is a perfect example of Pujolasos' commitment to both the environment and the beauty industry, as it continues to push forward in the manufacturing of premium solutions that do not put our planet in jeopardy. The simple shape perfectly complements the bottle, creating an hourglass-like silhouette that plays into Nout's own logo, to create a stylized and beautiful pack that once again proves sustainability and beauty can blend together.

Love it? Contact Pujolasos now and discover how wood can take your product to a whole new level of beauty and enhance your brand's sustainability goals.

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