Lip Kiss, the lip balm for instant make-up

  • Albéa

Global leader in lipstick manufacturing, Albéa reinvents lip make-up with its latest innovation, Lip Kiss, a new lip balm for instant make-up.

In line with the new make-up trend on the market, Albéa launches Lipkiss, playful & funny packaging for colored lip balm formulas. This original pack meets all active young women's needs for instant make-up, on the go and user-friendly solutions.

With its convenient one-handed system, the consumer just needs to twist the cap, bite into the lip balm and lips are made up in one go. Very easy-to-use, Lipkiss is colouring the upper and lower lips at the same time for a quick retouch all day long. Its small format meets perfectly new consumers' demands for fast and on-the-go applications.

Lip Kiss by Albéa is available for protective and /or tinted lip balms. The pack is contamination-free thanks to its elastomer contouring.

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