Self-expression, diversity, inclusive beauty - Albéa launches two make-up innovations based on its values at PCD Paris

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Diversity and assertiveness are values that reached a peak in 2017. In response, Albéa is presenting two make-up innovations - Lash Expression and Duo Stick - at PCD Paris, stand B28.

Lash Expression, the new collection of plastic, easy-to-use mascara brushes with a flawless make-up result.

What if eyelash and brow make-up were a way of expressing our personality? Albéa is launching Lash Expression, its collection of plastic mascara brushes, comprised of two brushes for the lashes and one for the eyebrows. Lash Expression lets consumers obtain a highly structured, professional make-up result through precise application.

  • The Burgundy brush delivers an extra volume and definition effect. Thanks to its “humpback” form, zones hold back the formula to load the lashes better, while its multiple bristles paint the lashes to make them outrageously long.
  • The Flamingo brush offers an extra volume and curl effect thanks to a rounded shape that brings out the curve of the lashes. Moreover, the mix of XL and shorter bristles gives great control over volume.
  • The Nacarat mini eyebrow brush sculpts the eyebrow line precisely. The brush is compatible with gel formulas.

The brushes in the Lash Expression Collection are manufactured in the Albéa Tips Studio, the global excellence center for applicators – mascaras, lipglosses, eyeliners – and make-up bottles.

There’s an Albéa applicator for every make-up effect!

Duo Stick, a two-in-one modulable stick to personalize your make-up.

Inspired by brands’ need to offer consumers an infinite palette of foundation colors so they can find their complexion, Albéa is launching Duo Stick.

Duo Stick is a stick with modulable tips that lets consumers choose two foundation colors.

Consumers can blend the foundation colors for a customized result that is as close as possible to their complexion.

Duo Stick is airtight for maximum formula protection and suited to foundation, luminizer, balm, undereye concealer and blush applications, but also stick fragrances and sun care.

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