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Albéa conceives Therese Lindgren cosmetic line Indy beauty

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Therése Lindgren, is one of the biggest YouTube stars in Sweden, specialized in beauty and lifestyle. She launched her own 100% vegan cosmetic line. Accumulating more than 750 000 followers on YouTube, Therése is a sensation in Sweden. She received awards for her YouTube channel and her commitment to animal’s rights.

Produced in Sweden, Indy Beauty’s products are 100% vegan and are certified by Animal Rights.

“The brand’s goal is to make people take care of their skin and love themselves the way they are” — Lindgren explains.

Thérèse Lindgren’s packaging designs are very modern, in a trendy pale pink color.

The plastic tubes feature a white access denied cap. Printed in an elegant blanc and white flexography. The tubes are made at the Albéa Schesslitz plant (Germany).

The lotion range uses Nea, the neutral engine that protect the sensitive formulas. Nea allows a smooth actuation even on the most viscous formulas. It is suitable on various actuator designs and available in different dosages. Nea is manufactured at Albéa Lacrost (France)

The propellant-free foam packaging is a F2 actuator. Perfectto dispense creamy and homogeneous foam. The foam pumps are made in Alkmaar, the Albéa center of excellence for foam pumps (Netherlands).

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