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Viblok selects Albéa's airless

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CLJI Worldwide has selected Albéa's D.N.Airless for its new product Viblok which received well-deserved exposure on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland®, a famous business talk show broadcast on Fox Business Network and Bloomberg International.

On top of an exclusive interview with CLJI Worldwide founding partners, the show takes us to the laboratories of Delarange Cosmetics where the formula was created and tested. This leads us a visit of Albéa Lacrost (France), our global center of expertise for airless systems and complex projects where Viblock’s packaging was manufactured.

CLJI Worldwide selects Albéa’s D.N.Airless ⌀ 35 which integrates a the 100% neutral NEA engine

An international reference for advanced skin care applications, the 100% neutral NEA engine is particularly adapted to Viblock’s highly-technical formula. While the airless packaging protects the formula from oxidation, NEA’s soft actuation provides ultra-smooth application. The packaging was customized to match the brand’s logo and visual universe.

CLJI Worldwide began as a dream between two doctors in different specialties, at the crossroads of the healthcare and skincare markets. Viblok is a unique cream-based lotion designed to enhance the natural skin barrier. Grooming the bikini area has unintended side effects including microscopic abrasions that leave the skin breached and vulnerable. Viblok skincare lotion was created to help limit exposure to external influences while the skin heals.

CLJI Worldwide aims at empowering women to care about all body parts. This innovative product goes in line with the global trend for intimate care products, a category that is expected to grow significantly in 2019.

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