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Albéa receives the 2018 ETMA

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Albéa has received the 2018 ETMA Tube of the Year award for the Caudalie shower gel tube. French beauty brand Caudalie selected Slim Cap + Thin Wall, Albéa’s eco-designed tube to rethink in a more sustainable way its range of shower gels Thé des Vignes.

In line with its values of naturality and committed cosmetics, Caudalie selected Slim Cap + Thin Wall: Albéa’s eco-designed tube, made of a reduced amount of plastic, for its range of shower gels, composed of 97% naturally-sourced ingredients. Free from soap, parabens, artificial colors, Thé des Vignes by Caudalie gently cleans and delicately perfumes all skins, even the most sensitive ones.

With THIN-WALL + SLIM Cap from Albéa, Caudalie opts for the lightest tube on the market, manufactured with a reduced quantity of plastic. Customer and supplier, contribute together to the development of a beauty industry that is more responsible and sustainable.
  - The tube’s total weight is reduced by 33% compared to a standard tube (plastic laminate tube Ø50mm, 200ml with a 500μm Cebal cap).
  - The patented manufacturing process for Albéa’s THINWALL sleeve, made of polyethylene (PE), reduces the weight of the material, thus cutting its thickness by 30% (from 500μm to 350μm). A THIN-WALL skirt offers a soft feel, close to the density of a standard tube, and a restitution
rate of 96%.

Designed for compactness and style, the SLIM Cap is made of polypropylene (PP) and is one of the lightest on the market. Very aesthetic, the SLIM Cap is an eye catcher on the shelf. Not to mention its flat head and edges designed to prevent water from stagnating, making life more pleasant for Caudalie’s consumers who can enjoy a moment of absolute relaxation.

Albéa commits to the circular economy: The SLIM Cap and THIN-WALL technology help reduce carbon emissions by nearly 36% compared to a standard cap and sleeve.
SLIM Cap + THIN-WALL tubes are fully recyclable via existing PE/PP recycling systems and contribute to the circular economy thanks to their possible reuse in PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled).

Made in France: The SLIM Cap + THIN-WALL tube is produced in the Argonne plant, Albéa’s French center of excellence for tubes. Teams at Albéa are proud to collaborate with Caudalie, a prestigious and equally committed customer.

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