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Reach for the stars with Constellation, Albéa’s new collection of mascara fiber brushes. Carefully put together by beauty packaging experts at the Albéa Tips Studio, based out of the Bottanuco (Italy) industrial facility, these innovative eyemakeup products empower brands to offer consumers the make-up look of the stars!

On the occasion of the Make Up In Paris event, held in June 2019 at the prestigious Carrousel du Louvres, Albéa will unveil two exclusive creations: the Aquarius and Gemini mascara brushes.

The Aquarius thick fiber mascara brush is especially designed to offer excellent volume and incredible length. Easy-to-handle, Aquarius reaches every eyelash from the base to the corners of the eyes, for a perfect volume effect. Lashes are lengthened in a single stroke which instantly results in a more open look.

The Gemini dual-shaped brush grabs every lash to provide outstanding curling and volume effects. The shape of the brush changes from one side to another, creating a new and original make-up applicator. Ideal for creamy mascara formulas, these make-up packaging can be customized to resonate with the brand’s visual universe.

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