BONA Pharma’s disinfection topical spray pump for 100ml PET Bottle

  • Bona Pharma

With the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic spreading, the World Health Organization is telling people to stay at home, wash hands frequently, and disinfect continuously. In order to help people stay stafe, BONA has launched a multi-volume liquid PET bottle with topical spray pump ideal for disinfection.

BONA recommends pairing their 20/410 NM# screw-on mist spray pump with their 50ml or 60ml PET bottles and their 24/410 screw on mist pump with this 100ml PET bottle. The options for product dispensed per stroke are: 0.10ml, 0.13ml, 0.14ml, and 0.17ml.

As cleanliness is important to the company, it's pertinent to share that all production and assembly of these products is under class 100,000 clean room and matches ISO15378-2017 requirements. Although these are difficult times, BONA wants everyone to be strong, stay safe, and act accordingly now in order to reduce the spread of the virus. 

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