Multi-dose spray pump for health applications

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BONA Pharma’s multi-dose spray pump is the first choice for health brands and customers. It is an ideal solution for original brands and generics, being ideal for nasal, oral and topical sprays.

The pump is a reference pump for many generic nasal spray treatments. The technology complies with both US FDA and European regulations, enabling many of our clients’ reference products to become commercialized.

The multi-dose spray pump is easy to prime benefiting from a low actuation force that makes it simple and comfortable for the patient to use. The dose delivered is accurate, and available in a wide dose range from 45mcl to 180mcl, with different closures and actuators.

BONA Pharma's modern R&D center provides unrivaled capabilities producing the company's U-save nasal spray bottle, child-resistant nasal spray bottles, preservative-free nasal pump packs and more, and BONA's service includes design, development, prototyping, testing and commercial production.

Explore BONA's catalogue of packaging for the health and pharmaceutical industries.

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