Meet Bona's Nasal Sprays and their applications in the pharmaceutical industry

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Bona Pharma offers a wide range of nasal spray pumps adapted for all kinds of bottles to truly serve the pharmaceutical market. But, how should they be used?

What is a nasal spray?

Nasal sprays are a uniquely designed packaging solution used to dispense medicine into your nose to reduce inflammation. The pharmaceutical product is sprayed directly into the nostrils (nasal passage), which is why nasal sprays are commonly used to treat asthma, allergies of the nose, and chronic rhinitis (inflammation of the nose).

However, far more medications can be administered through nasal sprays, which makes it a common alternative in the health industry. Using the correct nasal spray technique will help medication work more effectively and will reduce the risk of developing side effects such as nose bleeds, irritation, and soreness.

Bona's Nasal Spray

Bona Pharma: Nasal Spray Specifications

 Closure type

 Screw-on, Snap-on, Crimp-on

 Closure size

 18/410, 18/415, 18DIN, 18GL, 18TE, 20/410, 24/410 for screw-on

 20mm for snap-on

 20mm for crimp-on

 Dosage option

 from 0.045ml to 0.22ml

 Nasal actuator

 A,  C,  D,  E,  F,  G,  H,  K,  R,  T,  P,  M*,  Q*,  U*,  V*

 Type of container

 Glass bottle, HDPE bottle, Aluminium can

Meet Bonas Nasal Sprays and their applications in the pharmaceutical industry

Bona Pharma

Bona Pharma, founded in 1995, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical packaging solutions in more than 70 countries and regions, focusing on the areas of plastic metered dose nasal spray, oral spray, mist spray, ear spray, and HDPE/PET bottles for the pharmaceutical industry.

With over two decades of manufacturing and innovating, Bona is committed to providing the best pharmaceutical packaging solutions for our customers across the globe. Contact us now to learn more.

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