Multi-dose topical spray pump with precise dosage

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Bona Pharma has been selling nasal pumps, eye droppers, and pumps for dermal, oral, otological, and pulmonary applications for more than twenty years, and supplies optimized primary packaging solutions to meet the demands of the pharmaceutical industries.

The multi-dose topical spray pump is one of its top-selling products. It’s easy to see why this versatile and high-performing solution remains a popular choice for brands.

Key Features:

  • Dosage: 45mcl to 220mcl
  • Compatible neck sizes: 180/410, 18/415, 18GL, 18 DIN, 20/410, 24/410 for screw-on; 20mm for snap on; 20mm for crimp-on
  • Precise dosage, excellent spray atomization
  • Universal and modular design, stable performance & anti-clogging
  • Fully physical & chemical validation, high level microbiological safety
  • Complies with CP, EP, USP food & drug direct contact regulation

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Image depicts crimp-on closure

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