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    IIC Packaging's confectionery tubs are made to catch the consumer's eye

    • IIC AG

    Consumers hardly need a reason to buy chocolates and candy. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and more provide the perfect opportunity to give a sweet treat or enjoy treats with family and friends.

    IIC Packaging’s completely customizable plastic tubs ensure that confectionery products are safely packaged and look fun.

    With so many design options, brands can create the package that’s perfect for any sweet product. Create a design for a special edition candy sets, limited edition holidays and events, or a flagship product. 

    Designed to be stackable and available in a variety of shapes from round, square, rectangular, oval or bespoke, it doesn't matter whether your company's sweet treat is compact and pocket-sized, like fruit gum, or available in larger quantities like cereals, biscuits, licorice, or bars, IIC Packaging can provide the perfect packaging. Tubs are available in a wide range of volumes, from 50 ml – 3500 ml for a box of delights in any size!

    IIC offers a range of decoration options for its confectionary tubs, including in-mould-labelling and finishes including matte, gloss, and transparent. Choose from an array of bright and striking colours to make your brand's tub pop. IIC also offers tamper-evident closures for its tubs so no one can sneak that first sweet unnoticed!

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