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    Reusable solutions are becoming ever more popular and harmonize with the trend towards unboxed stores. IIC's eco-friendly packaging is produced in accordance with the hygiene standards for food and therefore has the appropriate barrier properties.

    IIC offers reusable packaging for a wide variety of food requirements, manufactured using German technology for various food and drink situations — takeaway food trays, meat and fish trays, delicatessen, fruit, vegetables, drinking vessels and more...

    Options are available for both comestibles and liquids as IIC can produce reusable food packaging in a variety of colors and shapes to suit, as well as different sizes and capacities. PP, rPET and bioplastic are all viable materials for the production of reusable food packaging, so brands can opt for green material with a long viable use life.

    With printable surfaces, IIC's reusable food packaging can be designed to stand out, be fun or highlight the product's eco-credentials.

    Contact IIC AG for further inspiration or read about other reusable food packaging options:

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