Rayuen's airless cosmetic jar: Classic chic with unparalleled product protection

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Airless packaging is the ideal solution for preventing formulations from an early demise through exposure to air and other contaminants. Rayuen Packaging's airless jar solves the issue for viscous, creamy products such as creams, serums and foundation.

Whereas airless bottle packaging protects liquid formulas until they are expelled ready to apply to the hair and body, thicker formulations benefit from airless jars with actuation especially tailored to their denser, creamier texture.

Rayuen's airless cosmetic jar is produced in PP to ensure that the pack is both durable and recyclable upon depletion of the product. Its classic cylindrical style enables the pack to be integrated easily into existing cosmetic lines, or for launching a standalone product.

The jar is available in capacities of 30ml and 50ml, with both options produced in a diameter of 65mm. For a unique finished look, Rayuen offers the jars in a customized color and they can also be decorated through printing, spray painting and foil hot stamping techniques upon request

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