Creative Cosmetic Packaging For Face Powder - Sliding Makeup Compact

Many shoppers claimed they will consider the packaging design and user experience when they buy products, especially in the cosmetic industry, statistics show that well-designed cosmetic packaging will influence consumer’s purchasing decisions for beauty products, and choosing the right packaging container can be a key success factor to ensure they bring the right impression.

In 2022, Rayuen packaging presents a creative cosmetic packaging design for face powder, it’s a sliding makeup compact case designed with a pebble-shaped look and a perfect smooth radian, that fits neatly in the hand of the user

This innovative face powder compact case is available with magnetic closure for a more upscale experience. So easy and convenient to use makeup compact, it can be opened and closed with a push of a finger. It is achievable to make this slide-open makeup compact case in a variety of colors and decorations to make a bespoke design for private brands.

As a professional packaging company specializing in cosmetics and beauty, we provide a range of exquisite, classic and modern empty cosmetic compact containers for selection, no matter whether you want a standard compact case with your preferred design, or custom your own packaging, from concept to creation, we can help you to get the idea into real products.

Send a message to Rayuen for information about post-consumer plastic options.

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