Help Reduce Plastic Waste By Utilizing Refillable Deodorant Packaging

Rayuen Packaging offers brands PCR refillable deodorant sticks ideal for fragrance-free, metal-free, and natural deodorant stick formats that end users can refill as often as they wish. The refillable twist-up sticks are available in 30g, and 50g formats.

Refillable deodorant packaging enables the reduction of single-use packaging while helping brands with commitments and goals to ensure all polypropylene plastic (PP) packaging avoids landfills; for example, polypropylene can be reused in traffic calming devices, automobile parts, plastic pallets, and public benches in parks.

Rayuen´s refillable packaging moves the sustainable packaging movement in the right direction, thus helping to make primary packaging reusable for personal and commercial interests. Based in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang, China, Rayuen Packaging offers stock & standard primary packaging supplies for cosmetic, skincare, personal care, fragrance, and custom cosmetic packaging for brands.


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