Tall, Slim, and Beautiful: Meet Rayuen Packaging's New Heavy & Thick-Walled Jar Line

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Jars don't always have an easy time capturing a customer's eye when sitting on a shelf with hundreds of options. That's why design and decoration matter so much when launching a new product. Rayuen Packaging knows this very well and carefully designs every solution to be both striking and fit the needs and identity of the product it holds.

The company has just introduced a new range of heavy & thick-walled glass cosmetic jars to further expand its lineup and broaden the available options to better suit its client's needs. The new straight-sided glass cosmetic jars are available at 15ml, 30ml, and 50ml.

Tall, Slim, and Beautiful: Meet Rayuen Packagings New Heavy & Thick-Walled Jar Line

Made of flint clear glass and designed with a double wall PP cap, Rayuen's latest product range looks tall and slim, and can be frosted or color sprayed in matte and glossy finishes to fully convey a premium look that adds even more value to the product within. The jars are an ideal solution for skin care products such as creams and moisturizers.

Please contact us now to learn more about Rayuen's solutions and the customization options available.

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