Biodegradable and Chic? Rayuen Says Yes With PLA Compacts!

Beauty with a conscience is possible with the sustainable collection of 100% PLA compacts from Rayuen.

What is PLA?

Polylactic Acid (PLA) is an alternative to traditional petroleum based plastic. Instead, it is a lactic acid made from fermenting non-toxic materials like cornstarch and sugarcane. This means that unlike petroleum, the building blocks of PLA are completely renewable.

Innovative brands like Rayuen Packaging are using this environmentally friendly material in cosmetic packaging for beauty brands that want to be more eco-friendly.

100% PLA Compacts

Rayuen is excited to offer two new compacts made from 100% PLA plastic. Since the materials are made from 100% natural materials, these makeup compact solutions are biodegradable.

Rayuen is offering these PLA compacts in two shapes, a round and a square compact.

PLA Round Compact Dimensions:

Item# CC74-135PLA, dimension: D74 x H11.3mm
Item# CC50-135PLA, dimension: D50 x H11.7mm

PLA Square compact:

Item# CS70-136PLA, dimension: L70 x W70 x H14.1mm
Item# CS60-136PLA, dimension: L60 x W60 x H13.2mm

Personalized Decoration Available

Both shapes come with a mirror for on-the-go application. The PLA compacts can be made in custom colors and with personalized graphic design.

Interested in launching a sustainable cosmetic packaging line? Contact Rayeun Packaging today!

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