Squeezable Plastic Cosmetic Bottle With A Twist

  • Rayuen Packaging

Beyond the kitchen and the world of salsas, dressings, and oils, Rayuen Packaging presents a plastic squeezable twist top cosmetic bottle.

It's a great packaging choice for dispensing moisturizers, facial cleansers, shampoos, and conditioners, thanks to an intelligently designed twist to open closure to prevent slippery or sticky bottles because there is no need to remove the cap from the bottle.

With a smart twist cap, end users can squeeze the bottle's body gently, and the liquid will be squeezed out - perfect for hair shampoo and facial care cleanser.

The 250ml bottle is made of Plastic - HDPE, and the cap is made of PP, remember that both materials, PP and HDPE, are recyclable. Moreover, both components can be customized with your preferred injection color and additional decoration for private design to bring more value to brands.

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