Rayuen Packaging's New Airless Packaging Against Waste & Contamination

  • Rayuen Packaging

Reduce waste with Rayuen's new airless packaging solution for the personal care markets like hair care, skin care, and cosmetics. Thanks to Rayuen´s airless packaging technology, care formulations are bound to stay potent and usable until the last drop.

Rayuen's pleasant and clean airless packaging is available at 30ml and 50ml. The new airless cosmetic pump bottle provides protection against contamination which is a crucial factor in preventing bacterial growth in cosmetic formulations, thus extending shelf life and avoiding preventable waste.

For years, Rayuen packaging has continued to supply brands with lightweight, easy-to-recycle, airless cosmetic packaging made of multiple polypropylenes (PP) and polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) materials (PETG, PET/R-PET, PETG/R-PETG, PP/R-PP). Packaging made of PP and PET is easy to recycle.

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