Tube-Shaped Makeup Container For Liquid Beauty Formulations, Glass-like & Unsqueezable

Thick and rigid with a glass-like look, the packaging company for skincare & beauty, Rayuen shows off its unique makeup packaging design for liquid beauty formulations, it’s a tube-shaped makeup tube container that looks like it's been squeezed, but it's actually as hard as glass, with a capacity of 6.5ml. In order to meet different needs, there is 2 different designs of cap available for selection, a square ribbed plastic cap, and a classic round screw cap.

So if you are looking for a uniquely designed plastic makeup tube, must have this heavy wall tube as a packaging solution for liquid lipstick, lip gloss, eyeshadow etc, with customized colors and graphics for your private beauty brands.

Crystal clear PETG plastic tube is modern and more durable the acrylic-based plastic making this innovatively shaped tube more impact resistant and travel-safe, while it is recyclable. Bring your idea’s into reality, no matter if you want new packaging to replace an existing design, create new custom cosmetic packaging, or just have an idea, Rayuen will offer you the finest packaging solutions.

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