Rayuen Bets on Sustainability: Mono-Material Lotion Pumps for Easy Recycling

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Rayuen introduces its new eco-friendly packaging design, a mono-material plastic foam pump and a twist on-off lotion pump ready to set the standard for a sustainable future.

Though most people assume that throwing their rubbish in a recycling bin is enough to get it recycled, the truth of the matter is the more materials a product has, the more difficult it’ll be to get it properly reintroduced in the market. Pumps, in particular, tend to use metal springs, which to the regular consumers will go unnoticed once the packaging is discarded, but will inevitably impact the chances the pump has to be properly stored at recycling facilities.

In order to fully commit to a sustainable/circular cycle, Rayuen Packaging has manufactured these new mono plastic pumps with no metal springs, to guarantee an easier path for recyclability.

Composed of PP and PE, the foam pump (PS-FP43M) has a 43/410 neck finish, while the twist dispensing pump (PS-P511M) has a 24 and 28 neck finish. Both can be customized through color injection. Don’t hesitate to make the change, mono-material works best.

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