Eco-friendly Airless PCR Cosmetic Bottle Packaging from Rayuen

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The standard range of eco-friendly Airless Pumps are a classic for a reason. These airless cosmetic packaging solutions from Rayuen Packaging are high performing and top quality.

Sustainable Airless System 

This collection of Eco-friendly PCR PP Airless Bottles consist of a plastic PP bottle with an airless pump dispenser and PP overcap. As a mono-material full pack in highly recyclable PP-plastic, this an eco-friendly choice for beauty brands.

The material is safe and compatible with most cosmetic formulas. Since it is an airless system, it keeps the formula fresh and long-lasting.

PCR-PP material is available for brands that want to make this airless pump bottle more sustainable.

These pumps are mainly used for skin care and personal care products like cream, serum, moisturizer, facial masks, and more.

They are available in a large range of volumes, 10ml, 15ml, 30ml, 60ml, 100ml, and 120ml.

Multiple decoration options are available:

  • Custom injection color
  • UV lacquering
  • Metalizing
  • Printing
  • Foil hot stamping

The MOQ is 20,000 units for bottles of 30ml and less and 10,000 units for bottles of 60ml and more.

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