Yonwoo/PKG Paves the Way for Eco-friendly Luxury

  • Yonwoo/PKG

Yonwoo proves that luxury packaging can be as eco-friendly as it is beautiful. 

Yonwoo presents luxury packaging from two of their top-quality ranges: the Noble Cream Jar and the Glass Dual Airless. 

These packaging solutions are sleek, modern, and best of all, they can be refilled. When consumers purchase refills instead of completely replacing them, plastic use is greatly reduced. 

The Noble Cream jar is a petite 50ml jar. It gives consumers a feeling of luxury with its transparent material and thick walls. The PP inner bottle is refillable, which reduces plastic usage by 95%.

The Glass Dual Airless line of bottles are available in a range of sizes, 15ml, 30ml, and 50ml. These bottles have a glass outer with a refillable PP airless inner bottle. The thick glass walls let consumers know this is a luxury product.

Consumers are demanding more and more eco-friendly products. Contact Yonwoo/PKG and look through their catalog to see how your brand can be environmentally conscious.

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