Let's Talk About Tubes: Cosmetic Applicator Tubes

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In early of 2023, Yonwoo/PKG updated their tube catalog adding new lines and innovative tube designs, offering over 150 stock options. Included in the latest catalog is a number of tubes that use specialized applicators to further enhance user experience, adding extra value to products.

Applicator Turning Tubes

From the Yonwoo/PKG’s new collection, you can find two styles of turning applicator tubes: The Applicator Turning Brush with a short-bristled brush incorporated into the tip and The Applicator Turning Rolling Puff Tube featuring a sponge puff fitted onto an axle, allowing a smooth rolling motion. Using a brush or puff texture to apply your cosmetic products ensures a more even and complete coverage.

The Applicator Turning Tubes make more efficient space of makeup bags, as the required applicator is already part of the tube. Complete with a cap, the applicators are safe from outside contamination and unlike regular makeup brushes, they would only interact with one singular formula, directly from the tube.

2 Way Applicator Tube

A tube that integrates an applicator into its design turns a conventional container into a tool, and Yonwoo/PKG has pushed the boundaries to create a multi tool tube; The 2 Way Applicator Tube. Created in two styles, the innovative cap provides two different delivery systems, combining a doe foot applicator with either a classic pump head or a sponge tip applicator.

The doe foot, available in small and large sizing, provides users with a means for precise application to target areas. The pump head provides enough formula for full face coverage and the sponge tip is used for blending, making the packs ideal for both face and lip cosmetics.

Find more applicator tubes in the catalog or contact Yonwoo/PKG for more details.

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