Falling for Family Packaging

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As family is a big part of the upcoming holiday season, Yonwoo/PKG wants to share some of its best-loved family ranges!

Before we get into that, let’s define family packaging. Package families often contain a series of products requiring multiple delivery methods with a uniform design or similar appearances. Families of packages are a classic way for brands to present holiday gift sets, multi-step routines, or to elevate their primary look.

Falling for Family Packaging

The Point Neck family, features a variety of airless and standard pumps, tubes, and jars. The Airless Point Neck and Point Neck Cream Jar are both available in four fill sizes from 15ml to 100ml. The series also has a 120ml and 150ml Point Neck blow bottles, and 50ml flat Point Neck tubes available in both screw caps and flip-tops.

The Airless Point Neck is compatible with Yonwoo/PKG's One Material pump, making it fully recyclable when paired with this pump system! If you’re looking to reduce plastic consumption, the Point Neck Airless and Jar also comes in a unique Paper Point Neck version.

Falling for Family Packaging

The sleek IV Series contains an airless bottle, diptube blow bottle, screw cap bottle, and an airless cream jar.

The Nature Curve Series features an organic design, and is available in airless pumps, blow bottles, heavy blow bottles, and an airless cream jar.

Falling for Family Packaging

You can’t feature families without displaying the classic Soft Body Series. Perhaps Yonwoo/PKG's largest and most versatile family, the Soft Body Series is made up of six different packages, including airless and standard pumps and cream jars, as well as blow and dual blow diptube pumps.

There is also the Soft Dual Series, which contains airless and standard diptube pumps, as well as an airless cream jar.

Come see more families in the catalog or contact the Yonwoo/PKG Team for more details. 


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