Introducing the Flat Point Neck Flip-Top

Cap your line of tubed cosmetic and personal care with the new Flat Point Neck Flip-Top from Yonwoo/PKG.

This sleek and modern flip-top cap can make any of Yonwoo/PKG’s tubes a full pack. The flat surface of the Flat Point Neck Flip-Top results in a large print area- brands can use this to make the tube look completely unique or achieve a clean, open minimalist look. The diameter is Ø35.

The sleek design of the flip-top cap has no protruding parts. The tube head side nozzle allows for multi-coloring rendering.

Ideal for skin care creams, BB creams, tone-up creams, lotions, sun care, and foundation makeup.

Yonwoo is part of the PKG group, which is a trusted supplier of beauty and personal care packaging solutions around the world.

Contact Yonwoo/PKG today to complete your skin care line.

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