Presenting the Award Winning Auto Loading Eco Dropper

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Yonwoo PKG continues advancing its product line to be more innovative and sustainable, with its latest release the Auto Loading Eco Dropper. 

The dropper has received worldwide recognition and has been selected as the 2022 ADF international Concept of the Year Certificate Winner.

Yonwoo PKG has developed its dropper to include an auto-loading feature, where the product automatically draws into the pipette with the rotation of the collar, making the process more efficient and streamlined for the end-user.

Unlike the market's current offering of auto-loading droppers, the Auto Loading Eco Dropper and all of its components are comprised of 100% recyclable olefin-based materials. The actuator, the pump body and the pipette are made of PP and the bottle itself from PET. 

The dropper has both screw and snap-on neck options, holds a capacity of 30ml with a 0.3cc dosage and is suitable for healthcare, personal care and skin care markets. 

For more sizing information see the Yonwoo PKG catalog.

Many of Yonwoo PKG's products are offered with additional features.
Contact Yonwoo PKG to learn about the available options for this package, including how to receive fully decorated samples for your project.

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