Bona releases an innovative crimp-on oral spray

  • Bona Pharma

With 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical packaging trade, Bona maintains its leading position, relying on its spirit of continuous innovation and perfection. Bona has recently released a line of novel crimp-on oral sprays that offers excellent dispensing, spectacular dosing, and perfect visual appeal, especially designed for oral treatments.

The dispenser’s neck comes in a 20mm size and is set to dose 100 and 130 microliters. It can be paired with 20mm bottles made from either plastic or glass. Its long neck can swing around a full 360 degrees. The distinctiveness is its closure portion made of aluminum, the colour of which can be customized according to clients’ tastes. The visual feast that the dramatic colours bring attracts customers worldwide.

Produced in a class 100,000 clean room and materials complying with FDA standards puts the quality of the spray pumps at the highest level in the world. Bona once again proves to be a reliable and highly reputable supplier of pharmaceutical packaging solutions.

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