Small format airless cream dispensers

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Bona, headquartered in ShenZhen, China, is one of the world's leading suppliers of medical packaging and complements. Recently, the firm has launched a series of small airless pump containers that offer a viable solution for small dosage pharma creams, which could also be used in other sectors, including the cosmetic and personal care spaces. The containers feature an incredibly high tolerance for dosing strokes, coming within +/- 10% of microlitre volumes.

Small and attractive, the airless containers offer near perfect dosing based on client requirements, ranging from 170µl (0.17cc) all the way down to a minuscule 50µl (0.05cc), With a tolerance of +/- 10% of the dosage stroke, the containers are good enough to be used for medicated topical creams or lotions. The FDA-approved containers are produced in Bona's clean room environment, ensuring excellent hygiene, necessary for pharma products.

Further, the containers also include an ingenious locking system to ensure the containers can't be actuated while in transit or by small children. The container can only be put into an "on" position by pinching both sides of the dispenser head and twisting the reservoir to align the pump nozzle with a groove that allows the consumer to stroke a dose. While in the "off" position, the containers simply can't dispense, providing a level of security not often found on such a small format item.

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