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Bona obtains the US patent for its preservative-free nasal pump

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After obtaining the Chinese patent on April 15, 2015, Bona received the patent certificate from the United States Patent and Trademark office on Oct. 12, 2016, for its preservative-free nasal pump which was independently researched by the firm.

Consumer preference and brand team requirements for differentiation are driving manufacturers to remove preservatives from formulations because they can create adverse reactions in many patients. The side effects of preservatives include irritation of the nasal passages, nose bleeds, allergic reactions, and tissue thinning or damage – particularly a concern with chronic medication usage. Research shows that 80% of patients prefer preservative-free medications and they are often willing to pay more for them. The research also found that the vast majority of physicians and pharmacists prefer prescribing or recommending preservative-free medications.

The major benefit to pharmaceutical companies using Bona's preservative-free nasal pump is that the company is able to reduce or remove the preservatives in the product, meeting the requirements of the market and patients. Sensitive formulations can become viable marketed products as well!

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