Enema bottle with TE closure and applicator

  • Bona Pharma

Bona Pharma has introduced a new enema bottle with a tamper evident closure and applicator into its product offering. Comprising a LDPE squeezable bottle with a PE applicator, the entire packaging is a safe and perfect packaging design for food and pharmaceutical applications. The botttle is customizable offering liquid measurement markings that are easy for the consumer to read and according to prescription dosage. It can also be sealed individually without fail.

As a leading pharmaceutical packaging supplier that is known internationally, Bona Pharma insists upon unadulterated quality control and assurance. The company uses class 100,000 clean room production facilities to manufacture this enema bottle.  

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Bona Medicinal is one of the Asian regions primary sources for pharmaceutical packaging, and a trusted international player in the space. The company has released a series of squeezable droppers perfect for a number of pharmaceutical applications. Ranging from 5ml to 10ml, with plugs and caps for all sizes, the bottles are made of LDPE with a squeezable body and a ratchet screw neck, suitable for temper evident caps, adding security as well as convenience.

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