Bona's new aural spray pump

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Bona Pharma has created a brand new aural spray pump which is applicable for use with a range of ear treatments, including ear ache, wax removal, and comprehensive inflammation. The considerate design of the ear plug offers an excellent user experience which does not cause any aggravation or irritation during usage.

Bona's new aural spray pump is available with screw-on, snap-on and crimp-on neck options for optimal compatibility with liquid medicine bottles and vials. It is manufactured in food contact compliant material and is produced, assembled and packed in Bona's Class 100,000 clean room.

The spray pump is ideal for administering liquid medicine to the ear for a range of ear treatments.

Features of Bona's aural spray pump:

  • Excellent user experience
  • Screw-on, snap-on, crimp-on necks available
  • 18/410, 18/415, 18DIN, 20mm, 24mm neck options
  • Material is food contact compliant
  • Produced, assembled and packed in a Class 100,000 clean room
  • For use with liquid medicine or other liquid spray
  • Available for use with OTC products to be dispensed by means of continuous valves, for direct spray use

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