Bona's new dropper bottle is perfect for both eye and ear treatments

  • Bona Pharma

As the leading pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer in China, BONA invests highly in R&D. This fact is corroborated by the patents obtained by the company to date - 21 utility model patents and 8 invention patents for various types of sprayer bottles.

Bona's latest innovation to be released to market is a brand new line of dropper bottles for eyes and ears, ideal for anti-inflammatory products to either area, or eye treatments for dry eyes or eye fatigue, as well as anesthesia.

The dropper bottles are produced in materials that comply with the latest EP and USP requirements, and are produced and packed under Clean Room conditions.

Offering a comfortable user experience, the elegant-looking dropper bottles are currently available in 10ml and 15ml capacities with a tamper-evident, ratcheted cap.

Key features of Bona's brand new eye and ear drop bottle:

  • Elegant product appearance and comfortable user experience
  • Tamper evident type with ratcheted cap
  • Existing capacity 10ml & 15ml. Different capacity can be customized.
  • Materials complying with the latest EP and USP
  • Produced and packed under Clean Room conditions – Class C+A (ISO7)
  • Non sterile types available
  • Sterile types available: sterilized by γ irradiation of min 25KGy
  • Applicable for OTC and Prescription medicine

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