PET bottle and brushed aluminum disc top cap

  • COPCO Packaging

COPCO presents an effective and classically designed 220ml PET bottle that is finished with a double wall disc top cap, ideal for personal care and beauty markets.

The cap is made from PP with a stylish, brushed aluminum shell. The double wall disc top cap has a wide diameter to facilitate a range of formula dispensing and fits a neck size of 24/410.

COPCO produces the aluminum shield at their own advanced production lines to guarantee high quality and reduce environmental impact and pollution.

The bottle, which is 162.4mm and weighs 25g, connects seamlessly to the cap for a streamlined design. While the design is simple, the bottle allows lots of space for individual branding and additional decoration.

Alternatively, both the bottle and the plastic disc top cap are available to be produced in an even more sustainable PCR material.

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