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As an extension of its standard PET bottle lines, COPCO has developed a new range according to customer requirements for a good-looking cylindrical PET bottle choice, but at a lower price point.

Comprising capacities of either 60ml, 80ml, or 100ml, the range of cosmetic PET bottles each features a 20/410 neck finish. All 3 bottles are ideal for cosmetic formulations with their exterior offering a broad area for 360º decoration in a variety of colors or finishes. In addition to injection molded coloring, silk screen printing and hot stamping finishes COPCO offers metallization, color sprays or labeling, so that any brand can give their new bottles a look that stands out.

PET bottle specifications

Product Volume Diameter Height Weight Neck Closure options
#0102273 60ml 36.5mm 97.05mm 15g 20/410 Orifice Reducer
Screw Cap
#0102370 80ml 38.3mm 105.5mm 23g 20/410
#0102390 100ml 38.3mm 123.5mm 23g 20/410

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