COPCO releases brand new screw-on all-plastic lotion pump

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Sustainable skincare and beauty packaging specialist, COPCO, has just released a brand new all-plastic lotion pump on to the market. 

This latest addition to the company's growing dispensers offering has been manufactured to dose out high viscosity lotions effectively and can be combined with many of COPCO's bottles for a complete pack.

The pumps are available in 2 common neck sizes of 24/410 and 28/410, and provide a product discharge of 2.3ml or 2.8ml.

Cover-free design

COPCO's brand new all-plastic lotion pumps differ from other styles in its collection as the pumps have a cover-free design so that the pump emerges directly from the collar, without the addition of a small cover between the two, for a bolder on-shelf presence.

Brands are invited to customize the pumps not only with color, but also a unique carving on the housing.

The 24/410 pump is product reference 0510RD24, while the 28/410 pump is product reference 0510RD28.

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