COPCO's foaming pump provides velvety clean foam

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Featuring outside pump housing to ensure a clean product pathway, COPCO's foaming pump is an ideal solution for dispensing creamy, frothy personal care formulations.

With its on-trend look, this foamer benefits from a well-sized round dispenser head that makes product dispensing comfortable for all users, metering out 0.8ml of foam at every press. 

As an extra user benefit, the 43/400 dispenser comes with a neck clip to ensure that the product isn't dispensed unintentionally.

COPCO can offer its foaming pump with either a PET bottle or a PE bottle which can incorporate PCR material. The option to custom design and manufacture a new bottle to fit the pump is also available for brands that want a look that is unique to them (orders over 50,000 units).

Foaming pump features

  • Product ref: #0558O-43-400
  • Neck: 43/400
  • Dosage/dispensing: 0.8ml per actuation
  • Spring: Outside pump housing (for clean product pathway)
  • Accessories: Neck clip
  • Bottle: PE (with PCR option), PET, custom molding available
  • Decoration: Ask COPCO about the various available options

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