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Into our extensive family of personal care packaging products, we’d like to announce a new range that's been designed for baby care lines.

In this fast-growing market, people want safe and natural products for their babies and young children. And packaging is expected to reflect all these virtues.

In COPCO’s new baby care collection, all of PE bottle models are manufactured in a rounded shape and completed with a soft-touch finish (except the jar), which are all highlighting the harmless and gentle nature of the products through both the visual and tactile senses.

COPCO has used a special soft-touch finish which is not a coating but from the raw material itself, which is more durable and eco-clean than the conventional way of coating, and also more cost-friendly. Coloring and silk screen printing are both offered too.

Suitable applications for COPCO's baby care packaging include: Lotion, moisturizer, cream, shampoo, body wash, and bubble bath etc. 

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