Glass jar sets with multiple decoration options

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COPCO Packaging has introduced a brand new line of glass jars into its extensive portfolio of products. Offered as a complete pack with its accompanying screw-on closure, the jars are available in popular capacities of 15ml up to 200ml.

Thanks to COPCO's advanced decoration capabilities, the sets can be decorated with a variety of techniques for a most resplendent finish. The jar can benefit from frosting, color spraying, labelling, hot stamping and silk screen printing, whilst the cap can be molded with a specific color, metallized, printed with hot stamping or silk screening and even given a gloss or matte finish treatment.

The cool heft of the glass makes the jars ideal for luxury cosmetic and beauty treatments, particularly those with viscous and creamy formulations.

Glass jar specifications

Product ref. Capacity Diameter Height (with cap) Glass weight Closure
#0403281D 15ml 47mm 37.34mm 44 ± 5g Inner thread: PP
Outer cover: ABS

Inner lid: PP & PE
#0403621 30ml 60.3mm 41.33mm 92 ± 5g
#0403527 50ml 64.0mm 51.73mm 145 ± 8g
#0403176 100ml 64.5mm 73.84mm 216 ± 8g
#0403424 80ml 78.0mm 51.82mm 180 ± 8g
#04035184 100ml 78.0mm 55.81mm 190 ± 10g
#0403155 120ml 78.0mm 63.72mm 220 ± 8g
#0403158 200ml 92.0mm 61.46mm 261 ± 12g

Discover more jar packaging options in COPCO's catalog, or contact COPCO directly with your requirements.

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