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Kornelis has established itself as a leading provider of caps and closures in the Netherlands, consistently delivering innovative and high-quality products for the personal care, beauty, home care, food, and beverage markets. A great example of their offerings is the 31mm MCA2 ribbed plastic screw cap with an inlay seal.

Crafted with precision, the cap is manufactured using a combination of polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE), two widely used materials known for their durability and versatility. The blend of these materials ensures that the cap is not only robust but also offers excellent resistance to moisture, chemicals, and other environmental factors.

The company also provides a range of liner seal options to cater to diverse packaging needs. The cap can be paired with a liner seal made from cardboard, induction, glued liner, PP foil, aluminum foil, pergamin, or PE foam. Each liner seal offers specific benefits, such as enhanced tamper-evidence, moisture protection, or extended shelf life. This versatility allows businesses to customize their packaging solutions according to their product requirements and industry regulations.

The 31mm MCA2 cap is designed with a ribbed castle, which provides users with a better grip when opening and closing bottles. This feature ensures ease of use and minimizes the chances of accidental spills or leaks, thus enhancing the overall customer experience.

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