Kornelis' Snap On Caps Are the Ideal Lightweight Protective Barrier

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Kornelis' craftsmanship of caps and closures is setting the company as a leader in the packaging industry through rational development, environmentally friendly production and fast delivery times of high-quality concepts for the European packaging market. The company's 90 mm snap-on plastic cap is a great example of the high efficiency of their simple, yet high-quality solutions.

Offering great protection and minimum weight, Kornelis' cap is an environmentally friendly solution that works brilliantly for the beauty, personal care, beverage and food markets. Its effective barrier ensures creams, lotions, juices, and even nuts or snacks are kept fresh with a simple snap-on design that's both easy to use and handle.

Want to learn more? Contact the Kornelis team now and discover what closure works best for your product and company goals.

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