Premium Pack offers aluminium tubes for pharma, beauty, and food packaging solutions

Premium Pack's 45 mm diameter aluminum tube provides a complete barrier to light, gases, moisture, fats, oils, volatile chemicals, and micro-organisms. They are ideal for products that are sensitive to air and require maximum shelf life after opening.

Aluminum tubes are mostly used for: 

  • PHARMACEUTICALS: ointments, antiseptic creams, gels
  • COSMETICS: hair dye, protective hand creams, sunscreens, shaving cream 
  • FOOD: food pastes, food spreads
  • HOUSEHOLD products: adhesives, solvent cements, art paints

At Premium Pack, we work with the clients to understand their requests regarding decoration, and custom accessorizing for seasonal holidays, festivals or gift boxes to complement the product.

Aluminium Tube Specifications

  • Tube length limit: 200 mm
  • Orifice: M15
  • Cap in conical shape and color white
  • Internal lacquer: epoxy phenolic resin
  • Enamel: polyurethane /polyester
  • End Sealant: with end sealant
  • Printing: up to 4 colors

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Premium Pack introduces 24/410 pump with aluminium sleeve for skin care serum and lotion

Premium Pack introduces its latest 24/410 dispensing pump with an aluminium sleeve, designed for premium skin care serum and lotion products. The injection plastic actuator can be manufactured in any customised colour according to the individual needs of each client. Customisation options do not stop there, however, as the aluminium sleeve can also be coloured and anodized if desired. An embossed brand logo can also be printed onto the packaging's surface, impressing customers with a sophisticated final result.

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