PCR PET 50% to 100%: Round Shoulder and Straight Shoulder Bottles

  • Premium Pack Ltd.

To meet the higher demand for PCR packaging, Premium Pack Ltd. has developed a high-quality PCR-PET material based on recycled PET. The 50% to 100% PCR PET ranges are here and are available in two quintessential designs: the Round Shoulder Bottle and the Straight Shoulder Bottle.

Coming in volumes from 50ml to 500ml, the bottles can be used for cosmetics, as well as travel sizes, all the way up to larger home personal care products. In addition, both designs are compatible with different closures such as sprays, pumps and caps, meaning they can be applied to many products with varying levels of viscosities.

Premium Pack’s new range does not compromise on quality or aesthetics to achieve sustainable goals. End-users can still feel the tactile quality of the product in their hands, while the blend and design provides a great space and potential for companies’ own unique branding.

Customers are paying more and more attention to how sustainable their favorite cosmetic products are and its beneficial for brands to be one-step ahead, looking for the most eco-friendly solutions. The PCR PET 50% to 100% range provides effective packaging, that is high-quality, versatile and sustainable.

Premium Pack's portfolio is increasing each year, adding eco-friendly packaging for any market level, made with responsibility and care for the sustainability of the entire chain.

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