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Premium Pack Ltd. is tackling the concerns of consumers head on with the introduction of its first 100% plastic fine mist sprayer into the company's product offering. The 100% plastic atomizers are the first in a series of 100% plastic dispensers which are being incorporated into Premium Pack Ltd.'s extensive selection of primary packaging.

Manufactured in 100% polypropylene, the 100% plastic fine mist sprayers have been carefully designed to be highly effective for dispensing a range of formulations from raw organic liquids to moisturizing oils with a gentle mist of either 0.13cc or 0.15cc per actuation.

The completely metal-free pathway ensures that beauty formulations stay in pristine condition as the PP material offers excellent chemical and bacterial resistance. Plus the single-material product can be recycled and the plastic used once again for a new product.

Premium Pack is offering its new mist sprayers in 4 popular screw neck diameters: 18/410, 20/410, 24/410 and 28/410 facilitating their compatibility with a range of bottles. The 18- and 20-mm necks have a spray output of 0.13cc while the 24- and 28mm neck options provide a 0.15cc output.

Following the launch of Premium Pack's highly effective 100% plastic fine mist sprayers, the company will be introducing lotion and serum pumps into the same range. Stay tuned for their addition!

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