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To pack cosmetics and skincare products, do you think how big the cosmetic containers should be? Small cosmetic containers are ever more popular and delightful, compared to the previous 50ml or 100ml face cream, 200ml or 400ml facial cleansing toner. A trend of small cosmetic jars & bottles has come as many famous brands are already using smaller containers for their cosmetic treatment products.

Plastic jars for cosmetic and sample skincare cream products

A small cosmetic bag can hold one set of cosmetics or skincare products. When you buy some products from a cosmetic shop in a big value, sometimes they will send you a set of cosmetics or skincare as sample, for example a set of 30ml facial toner, 30ml moisturizer, 7ml facial day cream, 5ml skin essence, 3ml eye cream, when you get a set of this, you will feel it’s so cute and lovely, you can bring it everywhere you want and use it at anytime you want. The most important is when you are not sure if you like the cream or not, then you can try the sample before you buy the original size. 

There are many skin essence treatments which are packed with small cosmetic containers, for example PHYTO-BLANC CLEARING ESSENCE from Sisley which is packed in a 5ml airless pump dispenser,30ml micro essence from Estee Lauder in a 30ml glass cosmetic bottle; beside the small cosmetic container for skin essence, we also find the facial toner and moisturizer were packed in smaller container, half of the original size.

Glass cosmetic containers for eye serum & lotions

Finish faster with a smaller pack so that the cosmetics & skincare products stay fresh. When you open the bottle for the cream or lotion, the inside material will touch the air and start making oxidation, thus the nutrition will be gradually lost and so the function decreased too.

Also you can see when some cosmetic companies promote promoted their products in a large size, they suggest consumers split the product down into a small jar or bottle before using it - this will make the inside material clean and keep the function.

Big packs bring the feeling of aesthetic fatigue

The common feature of ladies is to love the new stuff. The smaller cosmetic packaging meets their psychological needs as most ladies would like to buy a set of cosmetics every month or couple of months. The reason? Because they love shopping, and this provides them with the opportunity to go shopping and fulfil their psychological need to shop.

According to the previous package for the facial toner at 200ml, it takes around 6 months to finish it, sometimes you are tired of it, but you don’t want to throw it as waste, thus a smaller cosmetic container solves this problem, you won’t waste any more, and for the consumer it is very convenient to change to new brand after you finish the last one.

Smaller bottles are also travel friendly and airline friendly, fitting the guidelines set for hand baggage requirements.

At Rayuen, we design and manufacture packaging and ensure that your products stand out from the crowd with our high quality and innovative designs. We offer beauty packaging containers and closures at all sizes for cosmetics, bath & body, haircare, footcare and the perfume industry, and our product range inclues jars, bottles, airless pump dispensers, lids & closuress, cosmetic dropper assemblies, and pump sprayers in various materials.

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