Rayuen’s Child Resistant Glass Jar is the Perfect Solution for Cannabis Extractions

A new wave of cannabis and CBD infused beauty products are emerging onto the market and they need a way to keep their product out of children’s hands. Rayuen solves the problem by introducing a child resistant cap that fits perfectly on its popular opal white glass jar collection. 

The child-resistant closure is made from eco-friendly PP material. The top of the cap is smooth to enable logo printing and labelling so you can let your brand’s signature shine through. The cap is available in a variety of colors for fully customizable packaging. 

Rayun’s white opal jar is a brand favorite. It gives beauty products a luxurious feeling with it’s round and thick walls and sleek white opal glass. The glass is fully recyclable and UV resistant so sensitive materials stay safe. The glass is made in a concentration or compression process.

This petite jar is available in two volumes, 5 grams and 7 grams. This makes it great for concentrated products, like cannabis extractions, eye creams, lip balms, perfume balms, and more. 

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