Ultimate supplement protection with Rayuen’s UV Resistant Glass Bottle

Rayuen is excited to announce a new supplement bottle made of natural opal glass material. This innovative solution is UV resistant, so end consumers don’t have to worry about where they store the bottle at home.

The Opal Glass Bottle is 100% recyclable, sustainable, and is a part of the circular economy. The material is UV resistant so it effectively stores the bottle’s contents while preventing harmful rays of sunlight from degrading the product.

Interested in making the full package environmentally-friendly? Choose a PP or ABS cap. An aluminum-covered cap is also available and will make the bottle shine.

This opal glass bottle is available in three-volumes: 60ML, 120ML, and 250ML. Its shape and color can be customized as per request. It’s ideal for storing dietary supplements, health care products, skin care capsules, and more.

Rayuen develops sustainable packaging solutions for personal care, skincare, home, nutraceutical, and more. Contact Rayuen today to find out more about their packaging solutions.

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