Rayuen’s new sustainable Refillable Airless Cosmetic Pump Bottle

Rayuen is committed to expanding its offering of sustainable packaging solutions. The release of its Refillable Airless Cosmetic Pump Bottle gives brands and consumers more options than ever before.

The Refillable Airless Cosmetic Pump Bottle is eco-friendly and reduces waste. Available in two sizes, 30ml and 50ml, the user simply presses the easy-to-use top to dispense the product. The design of this airless cosmetic bottle is innovative and unique as customers can screw the lock pump to push the pump out before applying products.

The full pack features an outer bottle that can be ordered in either ABS or 50% PCR ABS and an inner bottle that can be made of PP or 100% PCR PP.

When the consumer runs out of their favorite product, it's easy to install the replacement plastic inner airless bottle. The outer bottle and pump stays the same, reducing plastic waste and making your company’s product line more sustainable.

This is the perfect bottle for an innovative skincare line, mainly used for skincare, personal care products, lotion, moisturizer, toner, eye cream, makeup remover, ointments, and more. The photos show Rayuen’s custom decoration, an iridescent effect. Other custom decorations are available, including customized color, painting, printing, and foil hot stamping. This bottle is available for wholesale with a MOQ of 10,000 pieces.

Contact Rayuen to learn more about the sustainable offerings in the catalog.

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